Add to It

Add to It is perfect for the car, camping trip, and party.Take turns adding twists and turns with Add to It, an ideal all-ages game for the car, camping trip, and dorm, and for family gatherings and parties. Add to It is a great way to get people talking, listening, and laughing.

    1. One person draws two gold cards (yellow in Kids and Colonial Williamsburg), combines them to make once character, and begins telling a story about that character. Go for a minute or so.
    2. When you are ready to pass the story along, a new storyteller draws a card (either color) and adds to the story.
    3. Then a third storyteller draws a card and adds to the story, then a fourth, and so on.
    4. Keep in mind the Two Laws of The Storymatic.
    5. The story is over when everyone has contributed, or when 10 cards have been drawn... or go as long as you like!
    6. When you finish that story, start another!

Teachers and parents: Add to It is a great way to build a healthy group dynamic and get everyone participating equally in a creative, fun activity. It's an excellent, improvisational way to start a class or introduce activities, and it hits dozen upon dozens of the Core Standards.

Add to It is just one of the many games, prompts, and suggestions included in the booklet that comes with The Storymatic Classic, The Storymatic Kids, and the Colonial Williamsburg Edition.