Questions? Answers!

Questions? Answers!Hey, do you sell wholesale?
Yes! If you are the buyer for a store, we'd like to hear from you. Please include the name and physical address of your store.

Hey, my dog ate the booklet that came with my Storymatic. I’m not kidding. Can you send me a replacement?

Yes. If you need a replacement booklet, we’re happy to send you a real one via the good ol’ U.S. mail. We don’t send PDFs.

Just send us a note with your mailing address and two pictures of your Storymatic— one of them needs to be of the bottom of the box, so we can see the UPC and the little code next to the UPC.

Hey, do you send free stuff to bloggers/reviewers/organizations?
We review each request we get. Unfortunately, we can’t reply to all of them. 

Hey, do you offer bulk discounts? 
Yes. We’re happy to work with school districts, corporate gift programs and other bulk buyers (e.g., wedding and event planners).

Hey, is The Storymatic correlated to those Common Core standards I keep hearing about?
You bet. The Storymatic is an incredibly helpful classroom tool. Check out Education for more details.

Hey, I made a game. Will you publish it for me?
That’s great you made a game! But we don’t do that. 

Hey, I like the pictures on the site. Who took them?
We like ‘em too!

    • Vaune Trachtman took some of them. 
    • Cara Downey, a grad student in psychotherapy at Pace University, took some others (she’s also modeling one of the shirts). 
    • Max Nussenbaum also took some (or arranged for some to be taken of him). 
    • Ben Kaufman, a freshman at Brattleboro Union High School and student at the New England Center for Circus Arts, also took some.
We love photos. Share yours on Facebook! If we use your photo on The Storymatic site, we’ll send you a shirt.