Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions and some answers.

Hey, do you sell wholesale?

Yes! Click here to send an inquiry. Please be sure to include your name as well as the name and physical address of your store. A phone number is useful, too.

Hey, do you sell in a brick-and-mortar store near me?

Maybe! Here’s a handy map of stores. 

brick and mortar stores

Hey, I want to order for my school (or other institution), but I can only order through an authorized vendor. Can you help with that?

Yes! You can order through your school’s Follett account or through the educational and institutional supplier S&S Worldwide. You can also use this map to see if there’s a store in your area that is an authorized vendor for your district or institution.

Hey, do you offer bulk discounts for corporate gifts? 

Yes! We’re happy to work with corporate gift programs, as well as wedding and event planners. Click to send an inquiry. Please include your name and the name of your organization, as well as how many units you need (48+).

Hey, I lost the little booklet that came with my Storymatic. Can I get another one?

Okay! Just send an email and specify whether you need one for Classic, Kids, Colonial Williamsburg, or Rememory. Please be sure to include your mailing address.