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Repost of a cool prompt from poet @rebeccavalley that uses Tarot, an object and poetry. Try it! • “Take a deep breath, choose a card from the aptly named Carnival at the End of the World deck, some language from storymatic, and an object. Reflect. Listen to a poem and write while listening, without stopping, until the poem is done. Repeat as needed | today is the Devil, a hot air balloon, and a deer vertebra. Listening to selections from Alice Notley’s Grave of Light | thinking about how the devil card reminds me of Sendak, is about embracing wildness in the midst of destruction, the communion of humans and animals, the way we find meaning and can recognize ourselves in our own chaos.” @carolyn_cushing @helizwood @markroessler #tarotcards #tarotcommunity #writersofinstagram #storymatic #dailyprompt #carnivalattheendoftheworld

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