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The premise of Synapsis is simple: You pretend you know a story nobody else knows. You jot down a sentence you pretend comes from this story. Then you answer questions about the story. As you answer the questions, the story comes to life!
Simple, right? Here's the thing: Synapsis takes you in directions you might not otherwise explore. Your stories might come from genres different than the ones you ordinarily read or write. Your sentences might be a lot stranger than the sentences you ordinarily read or compose. And your answers to the questions might surprise you.
  • 250 cards that prompt characters, settings, plots, and conversation. Thirty Spark cards give you a genre and context; 30 Connect cards and 140 Riff cards get you thinking about language; 50 Ask cards encourage you to explore character, setting, and plot in lots of different ways. 
  • Improvisational and spontaneous– one minute you might brainstorm about what a character looks or sounds like, and the next you might describe a scene, a setting, or a memory a character might have and how that's tied to their motivations. In Synapsis you move around inside the story at the same time as you create the story– it's like improv you do while sitting down. 
  • Synesthetic– Synesthesia is when you experience one sense via another, as in smelling color or tasting music. Sometimes the sentences you write in Synapsis will have a synesthetic quality, which gives them a vivid, mysterious energy.
  • Only one rule: "Say Yes." Because imagination lives on Yes! Yes opens doors and Yes makes stories come to life. You must always say Yes in Synapsis. 
  • Includes suggestions for playing with a group and also for using as a solo writing prompt.
  • Flexible– "Is it okay if I only use the cards that prompt sentences?" Yes. "Can I only use the Ask cards for a story I've already working on and skip all the other cards?" Yes. "Can I use this with the Storymatic I already have to challenge myself a little more?" Yes.
  • Parents, teachers, and therapists: Synapsis can help with sentence structure, figurative language (simile and metaphor), conversational skills, sequential thinking, memory recall, as well as with fostering imagination and empathy.
  • Made in USA and ships from beautiful Vermont. 

Ages 10 and up. That's not a set-in-stone rule about age range, of course. Not sure if Synapsis is for you? Try one of the other Storymatics first!

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