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When you sit down to write a story, do you run out of steam after a page or two? Is your screenplay stalled in the first act? Do you have the nagging feeling that you're spending all your time on your character's back-story, and the plot isn't going anywhere?

Well, then Shake it Up is for you:

1. Draw two gold cards to create your main character.

2. Describe a normal day for your character. “Normal” means different things to different people—what is “normal” for your character? Take your time with this. Settle into your character's normal.

3. Your next card (it can be either color) will shake up your character’s world. It will turn your character’s world upside down.

4. Continue the story. Will your character try to restore the old normal? Will your character adjust to the new normal? What will your character do?

5. When you finish that story, start another!


If you ever hit the wall with a story, give Shake It Up a try. Stories often work by addition: a stable environment exists only until something is added to it. Characters then act to address whatever has shaken up their world—in other words, they change. That's sometimes the place where people get blocked—but Shake It Up can help you blast through that block.

Shake It Up is just one of the many games, prompts, and suggestions included in the booklet that comes with The Storymatic Classic.