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Enjoy making up stories? Looking for unique prompts to support your daily creative practice? Want to play a non-competitive storytelling game at game night? Hoping to cure writers block? Need an icebreaker at work or a dinner party? Want to add a fun, open-ended resource to your teaching toolbox?

Well, you're in the right place! The Storymatic Classic is a fun way to tap into your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. It's super flexible, and there are tons of ways to make the Storymatic cards your own.

The basics of Storymatic are really easy. Draw two gold cards and combine what they say to get a main character. For example, if you draw "boxer" and “person with a devastating secret," your character is a boxer with a secret. Next, draw two copper cards and let the situations, objects, places, and complications lead you into a story about that character. Perhaps you draw "locked door" and "sudden return of forgotten memory." There's a story in those cards! Now tell the story however you want. Write it, draw it, act it, sing it!

"Best of all, it’s not an app. All you need is the box of cards, a pencil and paper, and a little time." – Wired

The instruction booklet that comes with each Storymatic has loads of prompts, suggestions, and activities to help you bring more stories into the world. Storymatic Classic starts at around age 12 (seventh grade), depending on the person. If you're thinking younger than that, check out Storymatic Kids.

The Storymatic can help get you writing, imagining, laughing, and sharing. Play by yourself or in groups, at home or in class. 

“Perfect for just about anybody who loves a good story at a party.” – Chicago Tribune