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Synapsis: A Little Box of Yes

Synapsis: A Little Box of Yes

Synapsis: A Little Box of Yes


You know how in Storymatic, you get this feeling that a story just snuck up on you? Synapsis works a little differently. In Synapsis, YOU sneak up on the story.

You do that by drawing cards that prompt a sentence you pretend comes from a story that already exists. Then people ask you questions about the story your sentence comes from. As you improvise your answers, you discover all kinds of things about this story that doesn’t exist yet– or does it?

In Synapsis, stories take shape as you talk about character, setting, motivation, memory, and other things. It's a conversational, improvisational way to explore stories.

There is only one rule in Synapsis. Say Yes. Imagination lives on Yes. Yes opens doors. Yes makes stories come to life. Say Yes.

Synapsis has 250 cards:

  • 30 Spark cards give you context for your sentence
  • 140 Riff cards give you a main word and some riffs on that word
  • 30 Connect cards give you senses and comparisons
  • 50 Ask cards prompt you to think about the story in lots of different ways

Synapsis is all about expansion, and it comes with some nifty expanding instructions that include a bunch of different ways to play, whether you’re by yourself or in a group.

Stories are everywhere. Sometimes they can be hard to see, but Synapsis can find them:

Synapsis is improvisational, non-competitive, creative fun, and it's also...

  • Light and portable with a vintage design
  • Cards have rounded edges
  • Great for ages 10 and up
  • Made in U.S.A.

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