"Perfect for the J.K. Rowling-to-be in your life."

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"Such a great choice for improving storytelling skills."


"Perfect for just about anybody who loves a good story at a party."

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"A wrecking ball for Writer's Block."


"This storytelling game is fun sober but super, super fun after a few adult beverages."

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"These 360 cards can take you in an endless number of directions."

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We Make Little Boxes of Yes.

Trillions of stories, lifetimes of memories...

... but one thing is missing: A person like you to tell them!

Simply combine a few cards and enjoy the experience of a story or memory taking shape behind your eyes. How you tell it is up to you. Write it, draw it, act it, sing it!

There are a few Storymatics to choose from: The Storymatic Classic, Storymatic Kids, Rememory, and Synapsis.

Each one helps you experience and share stories and memories. Each one helps you say Yes to your imagination.

Use them to have some laughs at a party, or for writing, art, and performance. Use them for your daily creative practice, whatever that may be!

The Storymatic Classic

Six trillion stories in one little box. Which one will you tell?

I made the first Storymatic for my college and high school writing classes. For years, my students asked me to make more than one so they could play with it outside of class with their friends and families. Finally, I took their advice.

Play by yourself or in groups. Perfect for writers, kids, parents, teachers, artists, and anyone who loves stories!

The Storymatic Kids!

Six gazillion stories in one little box. Which one will you tell?

After the first Storymatic came out, lots of parents and teachers asked for one they could use with younger kids. So I took their advice too!

Family-friendly Storymatic Kids has bright, thick cards with rounded edges, and the content is great for kids from five to 100!


A lifetime of memories in one little box. 

And then I started hearing from poets and memoirists, who were like, "Hey, what gives? Why don't you make one for us?" So of course I took their advice.

Rememory is great for personal exploration and writing, and for sharing and comparing memories with families, friends, and people you'd like to know better.


A New Way to Find and Share Stories – All in One Little Box.

For a long time, students have told me that what I really needed to do was make a Storymatic that combined their favorite prompts about characters, sense-based sentences, and sit-down improv. So... I took their advice!

Synapsis is a conversational, improvisational way to experience stories and explore characters, scenes, and settings. Write a little, share a lot– the only rule is, Say Yes!

The Storymatic Classic is my favorite tool for unsticking myself. It never fails me.

I love that it gives story start ideas. Great for families and homeschoolers!!

Thinking outside the box is the heart of creativity. But it does require a box. Fortunately, The Storymatic provides a great one.

Originally designed as a writing prompt by a creative writing teacher in Vermont, Storymatic has taken on a life of its own. Fans are using it to inspire many creative endeavors beyond writing including cartooning, music, film and improvisation.

It’s just about the coolest way of doing writing exercises I can imagine. . . These cards are interesting, and each one suggests a story begging to be written.

This is the perfect gift for budding young authors (or their teachers)!

Make a Movie!

Storymatic can help with that screenplay you want to write. For example, Don't Look Down Productions is based in Anaheim, and in their show Storyboard, they take you from idea to finished film. They use Storymatic to prompt ideas, and their film Paternity was inspired by three cards: “Inspector,” “person who laughs at inappropriate times,” and “sudden return of forgotten memory.”

Teach a Class!

Storymatic is a great addition to your teacher's toolbox. Discover how Advanced Academics Teacher Specialists Lawrence Paul and Stacey Morrissey use Storymatic Kids in their discussion with Dr. Terry Alban, the superintendent of Maryland's Frederick County Public Schools.

Write a Song!

Songwriter Helen Hummel used Rememory and Storymatic to jumpstart new songs and reimagine unfinished ones for her album "Many Waters." Helen says, "They remove some pressure I put on myself as a writer and get me past the initial stages where I often get snagged."

Throw a Party! Host an Event!

Author Matthew Dicks plays Synapsis during the Brattleboro Literary Festival, improvising answers to questions from the Synapsis box and the audience. Using only the words "jack," "had" and "voice," he sneaks up on a story of a young man on a quest through the White Mountains in New Hampshire. 

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