Looking for unique prompts that encourage creativity?

Want to play a non-competitive storytelling game?

Hoping to cure writers block?

Need an icebreaker at work or a dinner party?

Want to add a fun, open-ended resource to your teaching toolbox?

You're in the right place!

Write and Tell Stories, Play Games, Get Creative!

Simply combine a few cards and enjoy the experience of a story or memory taking shape behind your eyes. How you tell it is up to you. Write it, draw it, act it, sing it!

There are a few Storymatics to choose from: The Storymatic Classic, Storymatic Kids, Rememory, and Synapsis.

Each one helps you experience and share stories and memories. Each one helps you say Yes to your imagination.

Use them to have some laughs at a party, or for writing, art, and performance. Use them for your daily creative practice, whatever that may be!

The Storymatic Classic

For writing, imagining, laughing, and sharing. Play by yourself or in groups, at home or in class. Super flexible, with tons of ways to make the storytelling cards your own. 

    Storymatic Kids

    Storymatic Kids


    Ideal for early writers and readers, parents who need some fresh bedtime stories, and teachers who want to nurture creativity.




      You know how Storymatic helps you create stories out of thin air? Rememory helps you access stories you already have— your memories. 

        Storymatic Synapsis

        Ready for a challenge? Try this conversational, improvisational way to create stories.