Every teacher's toolbox should have a Storymatic. It's easy to explain and flexible enough that students can use it independently or collaboratively. You can use your Storymatic for five minutes, or you can use it for days at a time. It can help you build a healthy class dynamic and establish a creative community. You can add it to your online classes, or unplug and use it with good ol' pencil and paper.

And it's fun

  • Educational discounts start at 12 units.
  • If you're purchasing 12+ units for your department, district, homeschool group, library, teacher-training program, or social service agency, let us know so we can arrange your discount and shipping.
  • If you need to use a purchase order, that's fine. We do that all the time.
  • If you need a SAM or DUNS number, we can provide that. 

Storymatic writing class

Joanne Fuller's whiteboard at Vermont Academy.