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Storymatic family of creative prompts and games
Photo by Daimian Lix
Hi! My name is Brian Mooney, and I made the first Storymatic for my college and high school writing classes. I added to that first Storymatic year by year and class by class; all the while, students told me to make more than one so they could play with it outside of class with their friends and families. It took me a while, but I finally took their advice, and it’s been a lot of fun watching Storymatic go from the classroom to the living room and beyond.

Now there are a few Storymatics to choose from: The Storymatic Classic, Storymatic Kids, Rememory, and Synapsis. Each one comes from prompts I developed in my writing classes, and each one can help you tap into your imagination and find stories and memories. Use them to have some laughs at a party, or for writing, art, performance, and personal exploration. It’s up to you!

Sometimes people think Storymatic is a big company, but it's really just me and Vaune, my wife. We make Storymatic in the U.S., and we do nearly all of the shipping ourselves. We work in a beautiful old mill in Brattleboro, Vermont, not far from where we live.

If you have any questions, please let me know! I’m always happy to chat.