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Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap


If you're getting a gift, we'll wrap it for you. We use festive, for-any-occasion red wrapping paper with a ribbon, like in the picture.

And if you have a gift message (and why wouldn't you?), we'll include that for you. We usually include your message on either a postcard or a folding card– we don't just add it to the packing slip like a lot of places do.

We can also either leave out the packing slip entirely, or include one that doesn't have pricing. Here's how to include the message and instructions:

• When you're looking at your cart, scroll down a little.
Right below the checkout button you'll see a section called "Order Notes."
Look closely, because it's not a big bells-and-whistles section.
In that section, simply tell us what you want.

Here's an example, which you can copy/paste and then overwrite:

"Please do not include a packing slip. Include a note that says, 'Keep writing! Love, Frank.'"


"Include a packing slip but leave out the pricing. Include a note that says, 'Love, Gramma.'  

You can also send an email right after you place your order with your note: sales@thestorymatic.com. 

Important: If you want two items wrapped, you need to purchase wrapping for both (in other words, buy gift wrap twice). Three items wrapped? Order three gift wraps.

Gift Wrap: Because everyone likes presents.