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The Storymatic Kids

The Storymatic Kids

The Storymatic Kids


Make up Stories, Play Games, and Get Creative.

Storymatic Kids is a fun way to tap into your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. The basics are super easy: Draw two gold cards and combine what they say to get a main character. Say you draw “pirate” and “person who must take care of an egg”; your character is a pirate taking care of an egg.

Next, draw a blue card and let the situations, objects, places, and complications lead you into a story. You can be as silly or serious as you want. Maybe you draw "lost”... well, there’s a story in those cards! Is the pirate lost? Did the pirate lose the egg? What kind of egg is it anyway? Why does the pirate need to take care of it? What’s the pirate’s name? Tell your story however you want. Write it, draw it, act it, sing it!

The instruction booklet that comes with each Storymatic Kids has lots more prompts, suggestions, and activities to help kids of all ages bring more stories into the world.

Storymatic Kids is perfect for early writers and readers, parents who need some fresh bedtime stories, and teachers who want to nurture creativity. Family-friendly content means children, teens, parents, and grandparents can play at the same time. 

  • 360 cards = gazillions of fun card combinations to prompt stories, characters, scenes, situations, and plots. 
  • Wild cards encourage you to tell stories in different ways and from different points of view.
  • Make your own cards and mix ‘em into the deck! There are 20 blank cards waiting for your imagination.
  • Accessible: Cards are thick with rounded edges– easy for small hands to hold. The language is approachable for early and experienced readers alike.
  • Easy, fun creative tool for writers of all ages, for story time, classes, and homeschool– as well as an easy, fun storytelling game for family game night, improv, and travel.
  • Attention parents, teachers, and therapists: Storymatic Kids can help with public speaking, listening skills, sequential thinking, as well as fostering imagination and empathy.
  • Attention improv and theater people: Storymatic is a great tool for improvising scenes, developing characters, and exploring backstory.
  • Made in USA and ships from beautiful Vermont.

Ages 5 and up, up, up. If you’re looking for something that starts at around age 13, check out The Storymatic Classic.

“Perfect for the J.K. Rowling-to-be in your life.” – MidWest Living

“Such a great choice for improving storytelling skills.” – Forbes

“These 360 cards can take you in an endless number of directions.” – TIME for Kids

“Inspire young bards with fun creative-writing prompts. Will your next protagonist be a jump-rope champion or the tooth fairy’s sibling? Pick a card and find out!” – Scholastic

“Storymatic Kids is a brilliant storytelling game that's perfect for family fun, budding writers and bedtimes.” – BookTrust

Ships for only $5 anywhere in the continental U.S. Discounted rates for everywhere else.

The Storymatic Kids: Six gazillion stories in one little box. Which one will you tell?