Thank you, Leonard.

I was fortunate to work with United States Artists and to have the honor of writing short stories that Leonard Nimoy presented at Paramount Studios and Jazz at Lincoln Center as part of USA’s annual celebration of artists.

I loved working with Leonard. He was a passionate advocate of art and artists. We didn’t talk much about Star Trek or any of that stuff. Instead, we shared a few stories about growing up, and we talked about art and the creative process, and we had some laughs. He really was one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

I’d like to encourage you all to do more than watch Star Trek re-runs in his honor. I mean, yes, do that, for sure. But maybe do something else that I think Leonard would appreciate: throw some support to the arts and the artists in your community. I believe he would like that very much. After all, it’s through art that we live long and prosper.

Thank you for everything, Leonard.