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REMEMORY is here!

You know how The Storymatic helps you reach out and grab a story from the air? Rememory helps you access stories you already have– your memories.

Just draw one card from each of the three decks, and remember. Look at each card as you pick them, or look at them all at the same time. Each way feels a little different. The first way funnels you into memory. The second way lets memory sweep across you.

Storymatic Rememory

Rememory is coming soon. Very soon.

Ever since I made the first Storymatic, people have asked me to make something to help them access the stories they carry around inside them. They’ve asked for a Storymatic that can help them share stories and moments with family and friends, that can help with poetry and personal writing, and that can give them insight into themselves.


Rememory is almost here!

In creating REMEMORY, I was consistently struck by how enormously satisfying it is to remember things we thought we had forgotten, and by how even the smallest of memories often illustrate the great themes of our lives. 

REMEMORY is wonderful for anyone interested in exploring the rich and fascinating world of memory. Use REMEMORY for conversation, writing, parties, reunions, teaching, art, discovery, and game night. The pamphlet that comes inside each box has activities and suggestions for things to do by yourself, with a friend or two, and in a group. 

REMEMORY helps you remember memories— and make new ones! 

It will be available toward the end of September.