Rememory is deceptively simple.

Take a breath, draw three cards, and remember. Yes, it's really that straightforward. But of course, the country of memory is a complicated place! You can look at each card as you pick them, or look at them all at the same time. Each way feels a little different. The first way funnels you into a memory, and the second way lets memory sweep across you.

There are three kinds of cards:

Generation cards are slate-colored and orient you to whose life you're thinking about. Don't know much about the person? That's okay. Let yourself wonder. Give yourself permission to imagine.

Season cards are coffee-colored and orient you to seasons of life. "Spring" can mean April or May, but it can also mean youth, the springtime of life. Likewise, "Summer" can mean August, or it can mean the summer of your life. You will find other "seasons" as well. We spend years and years in these seasons.

Prompt cards are ruby-colored. By evoking a person and a season, the slate and coffee cards lead you to the door of memory. Ruby cards open the door.

It's okay if what you remember feels small. Small is big. Even small memories can illuminate the great themes of our lives.

This video from Nicole Rivera gives a good How To of Rememory. Nicole is the founder of Stop Writing Alone, which hosts regular meetings of writers and readers. Follow her for prompts and community!