One of the nice things about Storymatic Kids is that you can use it however you want, and you can make up your own ways to play. Here are a few examples of ways people have made Storymatic Kids their own. 

Molly's Way– Molly is a writer, teacher, and the founder of the youth theater group Brave New Shakespeare. When Molly is directing a play, she likes to scatter cards on the floor and have her young actors sort through them to find descriptions that fit with the characters they're playing.

Elevate Improv's Way– Elevate is a children's improv program that uses the art of improv to foster a judgement-free environment that promotes creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. They play Yes, And with Storymatic Kids. In Yes, And, each new part of a story begins with, "Yes, and..."


Christine's Way– Christine is an ESL Teacher who uses Storymatic Kids in her classes with pre-teens and teens because the language is accessible, the cards are bright, and the font is clean and crisp. 

Storymatic and ESL

Cian's Way– When schools first started to switch to learning from home during the pandemic, 10-year-old Cian wanted to make some new friends by telling stories online. He made this video (with only a little bit of help from his mom) so he could "reach out to other kids while home from school & away from friends."