One of the nice things about Synapsis is that you can use it however you want, and you can make up your own ways to play. Here are a few examples of ways people have made Synapsis their own (the instructions that come with Synapsis have even more ways to play).

Brian's Way– A solo writing prompt: write your responses to three or more Ask cards. Be detailed and specific. Finish by summarizing the story and titling it. Now use your notes to write the story.

Grant and Molly play Synapsis

Authors Grant Faulkner and Molly Booth playing Synapsis at BookCon. 

Simone's Way– Simone is a Speech Language Pathologist. She only uses the Riff cards to help students identify common roots and sounds. 

Jean's Way– Use a timer so you have one minute to write your sentence. Then answer as many questions as you can in five minutes.

Henri's Way– Use the Ask cards as a way to go deeper into stories that are already underway.

Synapsis card

Julia's Way– Julia uses Synapsis as a prompt for movement. Someone draws a Riff card and says a sentence that begins, "Move like," and then you do exactly that. If the sentence is, "Move like snow," you move like snow. "Move like a balloon," you move like a balloon. You can vote for who moves the best, or not. 

Sam's Way Use only Riff and Connect cards to write the first line of a poem. Now finish the poem.

Polar bears dig Storymatic Synapsis

Even polar bears play Synapsis.