The basics of Storymatic Kids are super easy.

Draw two gold cards and combine what they say to get a main character. Say you draw “pirate” and “person who must take care of an egg”; your character is a pirate who needs to take care of an egg.

Next, draw one or two blue cards and let the situations, objects, places, and complications lead you into a story. You can be as silly or serious as you want. Maybe you draw "lost”... well, there’s a story in those cards! Is the pirate lost? Did the pirate lose the egg? What kind of egg is it anyway? Why does the pirate need to take care of it? What’s the pirate’s name? Tell your story however you want. Write it, draw it, act it, sing it!

The instruction booklet that comes with each Storymatic Kids has lots of prompts, suggestions, but feel free to come up with your own ways to play!

For a good discussion about the booklet, skip down to the video from home-school mom ToriAnn Perkey. She has a nice How To that starts at 1:00, and she talks about the booklet at 2:45. 

In another handy How To video, Advanced Academics Teacher Specialists Lawrence Paul and Stacey Morrissey show Storymatic Kids to Dr. Terry Alban, the superintendent of Maryland's Frederick County Public Schools. The How To part of their conversation starts 45 seconds into the video.