• 230 cards to prompt memories, stories, and conversation. There are 25 Season cards that orient you to a time frame, 25 Generation cards that help you focus you on a person, and 180 Prompt cards that lead you into a memory. 
  • Includes suggestions for using by yourself, with friends, family, colleagues, and people you’d like to know better.
  • Easy, fun creative tool for writers, classes, and homeschool– as well as an easy, fun non-competitive game.
  • Excellent prompt for poetry, memoir, personal essay, and memory-based art.
  • A nice gift for anyone who cares about the stories we all carry around inside us.
  • Parents, teachers, and therapists: Rememory can help with sharing (and comparing!) family history, as well as helping with conversation and listening skills.
  • Performers: Rememory is a great tool for developing characters and exploring backstory.
  • Made in USA and ships from beautiful Vermont.
Last weekend, my husband and I went camping with his brother’s family. After the kids finally went to sleep in the tent, the adults played Rememory around the campfire. I enjoyed hearing about my sister-in-law’s childhood in Alaska and her adventures as a flight attendant. I learned more about my husband’s relationship with his grandparents. I talked about my summer jobs as a door-to-door salesman and travels in college.
The game does allow for customized rules, such as guessing someone’s memory. You can also use the cards alone in order to expand your journal writing. However you play the game, there is a sense of grounding that’s both peaceful and fun at the same time. It’s just a cool game! These cards would be the perfect family reunion game. They’d also be helpful when interviewing grandparents.
– Joyful Family Life

Ages 13 and up. It helps if you have enough years to reflect back a little ways. Younger than 13 is fine too, especially if you like hearing the older folks tell stories about their lives. 

Rememory bookshelf