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A Little Bit of News

Nov. 3: 2018 NNETESOL Conference

Nov. 3: 2018 NNETESOL Conference
Our friends at Pro Lingua will be attending the Northern New England TESOL Conference at the University of New Hampshire, Durham Campus, on November 3. They will have Storymatic Classic, Kids, Rememory, and Synapsis. Stop by their booth if you're there!

Nov. 7-25: Vaune's photography is part of the 14th Annual National Alternative Processes Competition

Nov. 7-25: Vaune's photography is part of the 14th Annual National Alternative Processes Competition

When Vaune isn't keeping Storymatic on task, she's working on her photography. In November she will exhibit new work at the Soho Photo Gallery as part of their annual alternative processes competition.

15 White St.
New York, NY 10013

From Soho Photo Gallery:

The images submitted for this competition utilized a wide range of alternative methods, including, albumen, cyanotype, Van Dyke brown, platinum/palladium, photogravure, salt print, tintype, and wet-plate collodion, among others.

The juror for the competition is Dan Burkholder, photographer and author. In 2012 he led the mobile photography revolution with his book iPhone Artisty.

Many of his images are expressed as platinum/palladium prints enhanced with hand-applied gold leaf and other precious metals, combining 20th and 21st century technology with 19th century printing processes.

After reviewing almost 800 images, Burkholder selected 45 artists to participate in the show. First, second and third place as well as three honorable mentions have been awarded. Of the work submitted, Burkholder said, “There is a temptation to equate alternative process photography with small, brownish prints of unsmiling subjects staring blankly into the camera lens. Happily, this exhibition attracted a talented group of practitioners who – though embracing chemical avenues long associated with photography‘s early days -fused new subject matter and processes to express prints both beautiful and thoughtful. If this exhibition is a gauge, perhaps alternative should be the new standard.”